What To Expect

Benefits of massage or energy healing

You will reap the benefits of massage if it becomes a regular part of your life!!

Bridget's goal is to bring you rest and rejuvenation to your body and mind from her healing touch through massage or energy work.  Bridget is very passionate about bringing comfort and relief to her client's body, mind and soul.  Her expertise through massage is in helping clients find relief from achy muscles and joints.  

Through energy healing, Bridget's gift, wisdom and care is to bring forth a healing energy that is positive and uplifting to further enrich her client's experience in each session that births fruits body, mind and soul.

Client Knowledge

Communication is key.  Bridget will want to know what you're feeling and experiencing, and also find out what you're looking to gain from a session so that she can best help you to reach the goals that you’re desiring. 

Bridget makes sure to explain the treatment plan with you.  She wants you to know what to expect from each session as well as what to expect from the long-term plan.  

Bridget believes in providing you with as much knowledge as possible. Knowledge can be a great tool in transforming fears of the unknown into empowerment that finds a way to overcome the impossible, such as with chronic illness, and how massage or energy releasing can provide a great way for the body to find relief and also healing that medications or treatments have not been able to.  

Helping You Feel Better

Massage and Energy Releasing is a great opportunity to help you find healing!  Whether it's stress, injury, illness, or simply wanting to pamper yourself, the benefits of massage and energy healing can be life changin

Bridget would be honored to join you in your journey into healing.  Among many things, she will teach you about how hypertonic muscles and tissues significantly have a negative effect on our body and mind. She will then guide on how to get out of that negative cycle by implementing new techniques or exercises at home in-between massage or energy sessions. Life changing is the experience!!

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